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The Sims 3: Deleting unnecessary content from Sims3Pack file

Deleting unnecessary content from Sims3Pack file

  I've decided to describe this process, cause I've received some questions like: "How to install your lots without CC?". It's not very hard to clean your Sims3Pack from unnecessary content, and little fantastic program by Delphy, known as "CUSTARD Sims3Pack Cleaner" will help us. You can download it at ModTheSims, here.

 Program launching is quite simple. Unzip an archive to any place you like and launch Sims3PackCleaner.exe.

  In the window appeared we'll see the next interface:

 Choose File > Open, and in second window appeared - our Sims3Pack to clean. For example, I'll make my mediterranean hotel free from CC packed with.

 Choose "Open" and look at a list of files, included into our Sims3Pack:

 The lot itself is the first (and the biggest) file in list. My lots usually have in description "by Oloriell (http://lorisims.net)". Files, which have "Thumbnail" string in Type column are pictures of our lot, others are CC, packed with it.

 To delete all the custom content from Sims3Pack, remove ticks from all the strings, except the first one and group of thumbnails, highlited in red

 And save all you've done into new Sims3Pack through File > Save (or File > Save as.. if you want to save under another name) I will save my file under "Сopy of Mediterranean Hotel" name, for example.

 Let's check our new file. Open it in the same Custard Tool. There should be only the first file and a group of Thumbnails in the list.

 If you see only this, then we've done all right. The new Sims3Pack doesn't include custom content, you can install it via launcher, as usual.

 I hope, this will help you if you want to clean your Sims3Pack from CC. If you have questions, please, ask them in comments. Have a nice game.

Written by Oloriell

The Sims 3: Deleting unnecessary content from Sims3Pack file