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The Sims 4: Export of lots and sims. How to leave only necessary files in Tray folder.

 Export of lots and sims. How to leave only necessary files in Tray folder.

  According to questions which I receive on The Sims 4 recently, many people need to publish the sim or a lot without using gallery, but not all know what exactly needs to be pulled out from game that it was possible to install your creation on the computer of other player. Today we will not only understand what files are necessary to us, but also we will learn to leave in the folder only those from them which need to be packed in archive for you to export sim or lot by means of the publication.

   So, if you already tried to export your masterpiece by means of archiving of files, not gallery, you already know that all game families' and lots' files remain in a certain Tray folder: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray. In this folder after saving in library there are some files (strictly certain quantity for families and lots) which can be simply packed into archive - and after transfer to other player and installation of these files into his Tray folder your sim or lot will appear in his game, passing the publication and downloading from gallery.

  Each family contains at least five files with expansions 1x .HOUSEHOLDBINARY, 1x .TRAYITEM, 2x .SGI, 1x .HHI (if there are more than one sims in a family, then the number of files increases: each sim adds one file .SGI), and each lot contains at least six files with expansions 1x .BLUEPRINT, 4x .BPI, 1x .TRAYITEM (besides if lot has more than one floors, number of files is already more than six: each floor adds one .BPI file). To export a room, you'll need four files: 1x .ROOM, 2x .MIDI, 1x .TRAYITEM. Files of one family or one lot have the identical name and differ only in expansions so, having sorted materials in the Tray folder by date of change, you can in case just kept a lot or a family in library, simply take the freshest files with certain expansions and the same name and with quiet soul pack them into archive: they will definitely contain a just saved lot or family. However if you kept a lot or sim for a long time or, say, just, but both a lot and a family at a time, there can be a confusion with files necessary to you. Anyway, there is a way to show in the Tray folder only files necessary to you for the publication of a certain lot or a family. Now we will consider it. 

  So, I'll try to leave in Tray folder only files, necessary for me to export my lot (I'll show it on my "Tradition" restaurant.). You will manage the families' files the same way. To begin, let's prepare: we will find our lot in our library and publish it in the gallery (don't worry: after export you may delete your lot or sim from gallery).

We publish our lot/family in the gallery

  Now let's quite a game and open our Tray folder (Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray). There we'll see a pile of files, and there are ones, necessar for us, among them.

Files in Tray folder

  Now let's mark all the files in Tray folder and temporarily transfer them somewhere. For example, I've transferred them to the "Misc" folder I've created in my Sims downloads. You may move these files anywhere outside "The Sims 4" folder in "Documents".

Transferring files from Tray folder

  We made it to clear our game library: now after downloading lot or family there will appear only its files in Tray folder. Let's laubch the game, and we'll see in our library only EA-made families, all our saved families and lots disappeared. Don't worry, it's ok, when we return our moved files to Tray folder, they will appear in game again. Press your Origin name in top right corner of gallery to move to your published creations.

Moving to our publications in gallery

  Now we find your just published lot (we've made it at the beginning of this tutorial) and save it to our library.

Saving published lot to our library

  Check your lot to appear in the library and exit the game. Now in the Tray folder we'll find only some files just appeared. They are the only thing you need to export your creation in archive.

Files necessary for publication in Tray folder

  Put these files into archive and share it with your friends :) Finally don't forget to move back files we transferred from the Tray folder for your saved sims and lots appeared in game again.

Moving back files from Tray folder

  Now you may cancel the publication of the sim or lot in gallery if you want. Don't forget also, that if you used any mods while creating, in Sims 4 they will not pack with your creation automatically. To share mods with your creation, you'll have to find them in your Mods folder and add them to an archive with your creation or give links to download from their authors' sites. Don't mix mods with files from Tray folder: you may confuse people.

  I hope, this article will help you to publish your creations from The Sims 4 more simply and quickly. Have a nice game :)

written by Oloriell

The Sims 4: Export of lots and sims. How to leave only necessary files in Tray folder.